Heating & Vibration Back Belt

Heating & Vibration Back Belt

3-in-1 Heated Vibration Pad

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Easy To Use & Easy to Carry:

The heated vibration pad is equipped with a smart touch control panel,which can be easily operated by anyone. You can wear it to go wherever you want, instead of staying near the socket all the time.


3-in-1 Heated Vibration Pad

Package Included:

1 3-in-1 Heated Vibration Pad for Knee, Elbow & Shoulder

2 extension straps

1 usb charger

1 user manual

HEAT with 3 Adjustable Temperature Levels:

Highest temp(70℃/158℉)

Medium temp(60℃/140℉)

Lowest temp(50℃/122℉)

Vibration:Vibration pod with 3 settings

Application Area:Knee, Elbow & Shoulder

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