Mini Massage Gun

Lotsfit mini massage gun is highly recommended for its travel-friendly size, powerful percussion to deep muscle tissues and replaceable heating head.

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I really like Lotsfit mini massage gun for it’s small, compact and smooth. It’s nearly 1/4 price of the top one in the market, but its powerful vibration won’t let you down. It can be used to used to relieve low back pain especially for those desck-bound workers. Good tool for self care!

Matt Pennell, DC, MS

Chiropractic, Sports Rehab

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Check out Lotsfit heated head now! You can have massage + heat therapy together with this wonderful head. Don’t forget to use lotion which makes your massage experience more smooth.

Dr. Sean Plake

Sports Medicine Doctor

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It's a mini massage gun, that has 4 heads for different massages types, and I just love it!!!Recomending to everyone!!! When working out that much my legs and back muscles get tensed, it is amazing tool to relax your body and masaage every muscle. It suits for your back and shoulders, legs, arms and for full body. It's compact so you can take it to any trip.

Augustina Jukne

Zumba Instructor

Pain Relief / Muscle Relief Heated Pad

Lotsfit 3-in-1 heated pad can relieve knee, elbow and shoulder pain in one pad. It is wireless so it’s convenient to be used at home, in the office or on the go. Heat Therapy is recommended to relieve arthritis and joint pain. Other featured products: heating belt for low back pain, heating vibration braces for thigh muscle relief.